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Emergency Eye Exam Los Angeles

Emergency Eye Exam Los AngelesRoutine eye exams are a great way to keep your eye health on track. We can evaluate your eyes’ health and your vision health and make treatment recommendations that can preserve or improve both. Sometimes accidents or emergencies develop and require immediate attention. Our Los Angeles emergency eye exam expert can help.

Our expert in emergency eye exam in Los Angeles offers the emergency care you need when you have had an injury, an accident or worrying symptoms. We will work to diagnose the problem and provide the treatment you need to stabilize the condition or injury and get you on the road to recovery. Symptoms may come on gradually or suddenly and can require fast action. You may have an eye emergency if you have:

•    An injury or severe pain
•    Flashes of light or black spots across your field of vision
•    Seeing halos or colors around light
•    Reduced vision
•    Reduced peripheral vision or an inability to see out of the sides of your eyes
•    Hazy or blurred vision
•    Sudden vision loss in one eye
•    Eye secretions, crusty eyes or red and swollen eyelids

Los Angeles Emergency Eye Exam

Any sudden onset of these symptoms requires an immediate appointment with our Los Angeles emergency eye exam expert. Other symptoms may not require immediate evaluation but still indicate the need for a checkup. These include:

•    Difficulty focusing or seeing near or distant objects
•    A change in eye color
•    Itchy or burning eyes
•    Blurry or double vision
•    Tearing or watering eyes
•    Difficulty adjusting to changes in light
•    Light sensitivity
•    Eye strain
•    Frequent headaches

Guarding your eye health can be one of the most important things you do. Our expert in emergency eye exam in Los Angeles can provide you with the expert care you need during difficult times to protect your eyes and your vision and get you back on the right track. We offer extensive eye care services that include not just emergency exams but also routine checkups, vision exams and exams for LASIK or other procedures. Our office has been designed for your comfort, and we welcome new patients. Contact our eye doctor in Los Angeles today to learn more or to schedule your next appointment.

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