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Eye Exam Los Angeles

Eye Exam Los AngelesRoutine eye exams are important for more than just those who experience vision problems. In fact, annual eye exams are recommended for most people, including healthy adults without vision problems. Our Los Angeles eye exam expert may recommend more frequent exams if you suffer from a personal or family history of certain types of eye disorders or vision problems or if you have health problems that put you at a higher risk of suffering vision or eye health problems.

At your next eye exam, our expert in eye exam in Los Angeles will check your vision. Changes in vision can occur slowly, and you may not even notice that you no longer see as clearly as you once did. Children in particular may be more prone to struggling as a result of vision problems. They may lag behind their classmates and have learning difficulties. If we identify a vision problem, we will make the appropriate diagnosis and recommendations to improve your vision and enhance your quality of life.

Los Angeles Eye Exam

Our Los Angeles eye exam expert will also evaluate your eye health. Many eye diseases such as glaucoma have few or no symptoms until significant damage has occurred. Routine eye exams give us a chance to diagnose these conditions at earlier stages, which can help preserve your eye health and your vision. Certain general health conditions can also reveal symptoms in your eyes. High blood pressure, diabetes and other health problems may be seen in your eyes, and we will make the appropriate referral to get you back on the track to good health.

We offer extensive options for our patients and have designed our eye center to provide you with the ultimate in comfort combined with top-quality eye care. Our meditation room provides you with a quiet place to relax and regroup before or after your appointment. Our eyewear selection is extensive and includes designer frames, handmade frames, eco-friendly frames and vintage frames. Contact lenses are also available, including toric, sports lenses, spherical and multi-focal lenses. Our expert in eye exam even offers supplements and other options for a natural, holistic approach to your eye health.

Contact our Los Angeles eye doctor today to learn more or to schedule your next consultation.

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