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Eyeglasses Repair Los Angeles

Eyeglasses Repair Los AngelesWe know how important your eyeglasses can be. They are not only a convenient, comfortable method for vision correction, but they also offer you a fun, fashion-forward way to show off your individual style. We offer designer, eco-friendly and handmade frames with a wide selection of lenses. Taking care of your eyeglasses can help them last longer. Our Los Angeles eyeglasses repair shop offers fast, easy maintenance and repairs for your reading glasses, sunglasses, bifocals and other glasses. This helps keep them looking new and protects your eyesight.

Taking care of your lenses can prevent them from getting scratched or damaging the protective coating. When you need to clean your lenses, use a soft cloth and eyeglass cleaner or water to remove dirt, oil, smudges and other debris. Avoid using tissues, paper towels or rough cloths that could scratch the lenses, and do not use commercial glass cleaners or any product not made especially for glasses since these could damage any scratch-resistant, UV or other protective coating on the lenses. Our expert in eyeglasses repair in Los Angeles can provide you with the products you need to keep your glasses in like-new condition until you are ready for a new pair.

Los Angeles Eyeglasses Repair

Even the highest-quality frames can be susceptible to mishaps, normal wear and tear or damage. Our Los Angeles eyeglasses repair shop offers tune-ups to keep your frames in great shape, but accidents can happen. Your frames may get tangled in your hair or clothing, the arms can get bent or broken, the hinges can become damaged and you may even lose the comfortable nose pads. You do not need to invest in new frames, but you do need to get your existing frames fixed. Our expert in eyeglasses repair in Los Angeles can solder or weld your metal frames, repair broken or jammed hinges, replace nose pads and fix temples. We can also adjust your frames if they just do not feel comfortable anymore.

If your sunglasses or eyeglasses are damaged or broken, we can help. Contact our Los Angeles optometrist today to schedule your appointment and get your glasses fixed.

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