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Eyewear Repair Los Angeles

Eyewear Repair Los AngelesYour new eyewear can help you see more clearly or eliminate the glare on a sunny day, but taking steps now to properly maintain it can extend the life of the frames and the lenses. Whether you have reading glasses, prescription bifocals, sunglasses or other types of eyewear, you can keep them looking new and prevent those common mishaps that can destroy your custom frames or pricy lenses with a few simple steps. Our Los Angeles eyewear repair expert offers experienced repair services as well as complimentary tune-ups to keep your favorite glasses in great shape season after season.

Frames often get bent or tangled in hair or clothing. Arms can get broken, hinges may jam and nose pads can be lost, which can make your eyewear uncomfortable or even unusable. Our expert in eyewear repair in Los Angeles offers common repairs, including welding or soldering titanium or metal frames, broken hinge repair and temple replacement. We can also realign, touch up, recondition and adjust your frames for a comfortable, flattering fit.

Los Angeles Eyewear Repair

Our Los Angeles eyewear repair expert often makes specific recommendations for taking care of your new eyewear. Following these recommendations can extend the life of your lenses and frames. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your glasses. Eyeglass cleaner and special cleaning cloths are generally recommended. These cleaners and cloths are unlikely to scratch the lenses or damage any protective coatings. Avoid sleeping in your glasses, and when you remove them, put them gently into the glasses case to prevent them from falling or getting scratched or otherwise damaged. Avoid storing your glasses in direct heat, such as the dashboard of a car, since this can warp or damage the frame.

When your eyewear has been damaged, contact our expert in eyewear repair in Los Angeles as soon as possible to have them repaired. Loose screws and sticky hinges can quickly deteriorate into more serious problems. Prompt repairs can prevent permanent damage and even help extend the life of your favorite pair of glasses. Contact our Los Angeles eye doctor today to find out more or to schedule your next eye appointment.

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