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Optical Exam Los Angeles

Optical Exam Los AngelesEye exams can easily get shuffled to the bottom of the to-do list, but your eyes offer valuable indications about your health that should not be overlooked. Routine eye exams can take a few minutes out of your day once a year, but they can also help preserve your sight and your general health. Our Los Angeles optical exam expert offers comprehensive eye exams that can keep your vision and eye health on track.

At your initial visit with our expert in optical exam in Los Angeles, we may request that you complete an eye and medical history form. This gives us better insight into your health needs. We will then provide you with a vision test. Even if you have always had good vision, regular checkups can keep track of any early changes that would need to be corrected or that may indicate the presence of more serious vision problems. Our Los Angeles optical exam expert may also perform a refraction test. A computerized instrument will be used to provide us with more information about your visual acuity before checking how your eyes work individually and together.

Los Angeles Optical Exam

Once your vision has been evaluated, we may recommend checking your eye health. Each eye may be tested to evaluate the fluid pressure inside it. This will give us information about your glaucoma risk. Dilation may be necessary for some of our patients, and our expert in optical exam in Los Angeles may use a biomicroscope to check the inner structures of your eyes for things such as cataracts, retinopathy and macular degeneration.

Each of our patients is provided with a comprehensive eye exam, and precise prescriptions are offered for the most accurate vision correction available. Our office can provide you with numerous specialty lenses that are designed to fit your life, including lenses specifically for computer use, sports use or occasional use. Extensive frames are also available, and you can choose from timeless styles of handmade frames and environmentally friendly materials. Contact our offices today to schedule your consultation with our eye doctor in Los Angeles or to learn more.

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