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Optometrist Los Angeles

Optometrist Los AngelesRoutine eye care can keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp. Our Los Angeles optometrist offers eye care that includes leading-edge treatments, diverse vision correction options and the hottest styles of eyewear. We offer contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses in numerous designs and fashions, including eco-friendly eyewear, handmade frames, vintage frames, sustainable frames, multi-focal lenses, no-line bifocals, sports lenses and scratch resistant lenses.

Our Los Angeles optometrist is committed to providing the best eye care available. Our optometrist in Los Angeles will begin by providing you with an eye exam. Our routine eye exams are designed to evaluate the health of your eyes and your visual clarity. We also offer contact lens exams that can fit you for contact lenses, emergency eye evaluations for eye injuries or illnesses and surgical exams for LASIC and refractive surgery. We work closely with a team of eye care professionals who offer herbal therapies, acupuncture and other alternative eye therapies, and we offer nutritional supplements that are specifically designed to promote eye health. A meditation room is available to help you relax, regroup and reflect before or after your eye exam or treatment.

Los Angeles Optometrist

After your eye exam, our Los Angeles optometrist will provide you with your options. You may be able to choose between glasses and contacts. We have a vast selection of frame styles that can fit your every mood and allow you to better explore your personality through fashion.

If we identify any symptoms of problems, such as cataracts or glaucoma, we may recommend specific treatment regimens or therapies and provide you with information about your options. In some cases, symptoms of other health problems can also develop in the eyes. We will explain our findings thoroughly and make appropriate recommendations that will help you preserve your vision and overall health.

Our optometrist in Los Angeles is committed to your eye health. We believe that proper eye care is about far more than the latest frames and hottest contact lens choices. We believe in a holistic approach that allows you to protect your vision, your eyes and your health for a lifetime.

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