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Pink Eye Doctor Los Angeles

Pink Eye Doctor Los AngelesConjunctivitis is characterized by inflammation of the sclera, or the white of the eye. Anything that can irritate the eye can trigger conjunctivitis, but pink eye is a specific type of conjunctivitis that is caused by several types of viruses and is highly contagious. If you have symptoms of pink eye, which can include extreme redness, itchiness, irritation, eye discharge, swelling, burning and increased light sensitivity, our Los Angeles pink eye doctor can help.

Symptoms alone may not indicate pink eye since they can mirror those of other eye infections, blepharitis and dry eyes. Further evaluation is critical since infections can lead to further vision problems, including permanent vision damage and corneal ulcers. Our pink eye doctor in Los Angeles can determine if your condition is due to allergies, bacterial infections, viral infections or other factors, and make specific treatment recommendations that protect your vision and help you heal.

Los Angeles Pink Eye Doctor

Because pink eye is highly contagious, an eye exam with our Los Angeles pink eye doctor is essential. You may be at a higher risk of developing pink eye if you are a teacher, a daycare worker, a college student or have young children. Preschoolers and school children tend to be at the highest risk along with those who work closely with them. Excellent hygiene practices can reduce the risks to those who are close with you. Proper diagnosis and treatment are important.

After identifying the cause of your pink eye, our pink eye doctor in Los Angeles will make treatment recommendations. Applying a cold, damp washcloth can soothe the burn and itch of pink eye. Avoid sharing hand towels or similar items since this can transmit the virus or infection among members of a household. Wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer frequently, and disinfect commonly touched surfaces frequently to reduce bacterial and viral buildup. If you wear contacts, avoid sharing them with others and maintain proper cleaning regimens. Antibiotic drops or ointments may be necessary to combat bacterial infections. Patients whose symptoms were triggered by allergies may need to use allergy medications to ease symptoms and reduce the frequency or severity of flare-ups.

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