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Sunglasses Los Angeles

Sunglasses Los AngelesSunglasses can be a major fashion statement, but they can also protect your eyes and the surrounding skin from the harsh effects of the sun. As many as 10 percent of all skin cancers are located around the eyes, and nearly a million people worldwide suffer from cataracts, which are caused by UV exposure. Chronic squinting against the sun can cause crow’s feet, and sun-triggered age spots can pop up first on the delicate skin around the eyes. Sun can also trigger macular degeneration and other serious eye problems, which is why the right pair of sunglasses can be an investment not just in your look but in your eye health. Our Los Angeles sunglasses shop can help you find the right look for your needs and tastes.

If you need sunglasses in Los Angeles, we can provide you with the ultimate experience. We can help you explore a wide range of frames and high-quality lenses with special UV-blocking lenses to protect your eyes from the ravages of the sun. Off-the-rack sunglasses do not always feature consistent quality and can bend, break or become damaged quite easily. They may even lack protective UV coatings, which can leave your eyes more vulnerable to the damaging effects of the sun than if you were not wearing sunglasses at all.

Los Angeles Sunglasses

You deserve sunglasses that protect your eyes while highlighting your unique fashion sense and personality. Our Los Angeles sunglasses shop specializes in high-end sunglasses, designer frames and eco-friendly designs, and we have a nice selection of vintage and handmade frames as well. We can even use prescription lenses to further customize your new sunglasses.

We offer comprehensive eye care that includes holistic treatment options. Our office features a welcoming environment and a relaxing meditation room. Services include traditional eye care as well as nutritional therapy, gem therapy, herbal treatments, massage therapy, acupuncture and other alternative treatments. Eye exams are available, including contact lens exams, so that you can see clearly under any circumstances.

Contact us today to learn more about our selection of sunglasses in Los Angeles or to schedule an appointment with our Los Angeles eye doctor.

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